14 Meal Bundle

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Select any 14 meals, if your having a meal for lunch and dinner for 7 days you can be assured the meals arriving have a minimum of 7 day shelf life when they are delivered.

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B' Good Chinese Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice

B' Good Pasta Bolognese

Lean minced beef in a flavoursome tomato & herb sauce with pasta

B' Good Chicken & Black bean with rice

B' Good Curry Veg Noodles with Salted Chilli Chicken

B' Good Creamy Pepper Chicken & Rice

B' Good Chilli Beef & Wedges

Extra lean chilli beef with our guiltless wedges

B' Good Honey Chilli Chicken with rice

B' Good Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Our Homestyle Pasta dish with a kick! Comfort food without the guilt.

B' Good Roast Beef Dinner with Gravy (medium portion)

A medium sized portion of tender layers of Roast Beef topped with our Guiltless Onion Gravy served with mash, and steamed vegetables.

B' Good Chicken Dinner & Guiltless Pepper Sauce(Medium Portion)

B' Good BBQ Pork Meatballs with Noodles

Lean Pork meatballs on a bed of soft noodles topped with a tongue tingling BBQ sauce.

B' Good Cheesy Garlic Chicken Pasta

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