Lose, Gain or Sustain in 2021.......

with a NEW range of meals from GFY to suit everybody!

Developed by chefs and healthy eating specialists all our meals are freshly prepared, with locally sources ingredients to ensure the best quality meals, direct to your door.

Let us introduce to the 3 ranges from the Good Food Yard:


With a 7-day shelf life, you can be assured that every meal is as wholesome, nutritious and delicious as it left our kitchen, when it lands on your plate.

Easy to heat our new range of meals are prepped and made ready to heat. Simply pop them in the microwave, for tasty results in 5 minutes or less.

Easy to store once your order is delivered, simply store our fresh meals in the fridge – ready to enjoy whenever you are ready to eat. Each meal can also be frozen for your convenience.

Skinny Low Fat Chicken Curry

‘SKINNY’ Range – eat well and lose weight.

Assisting you to eat healthy while losing weight, eat guilt free with our low-calorie meals. Every meal is prepared fresh and contains less than 400 calories!

Skinny Low Fat Chicken Curry

HIGH PROTEIN’ Range – delicious meals to fuel your training.

Clean eating, made easy with plenty of musclebuilding protein to ensure you meat your goals. Every meal contains a min of 40g of protein.

Skinny Low Fat Chicken Curry

‘HOMESTYLE’ Range – healthy eating, made easy.

Make healthy eating a priority for the whole family with our mouth-watering homestyle range. Eaten as part of a healthy lifestyle each meal will ensure that you and your nearest and dearest, get all the nutrition you need each day to maintain a healthy relationship with food, a healthy weight and feel better.

Our new ranges ensure that you can mix and match our freshly prepared meals to suit your lifestyle every day of the week.




  • Order online by selecting from our menu or call us on 02894 478129 Monday to Friday 9am to 12noon.
  • Select your Good Food Yard meals and add your selection to your cart/basket.
  • Pick your delivery slot or pick up point.
  • Enjoy great food, at your convenience.
  • Meat your personal goals and feel great!