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Honest review from a Good Food Yard Taster on our Chicken with Champ, vegetables and topped with our Guiltless Pepper sauce.

Debbie had knocked it before she even tried it, then HELLO…….. what a pleasant surprise she got.
“So part of this group us for us to be tasters and give our honest feedback… initially I thought a “Chicken ding dinner” (as we call this type of dinner at home ha!) couldn’t be overly nice, as I much prefer to oven cook things, I think it’s just the way we were at home growing up
Anyway, Good Food Yard you’ve nailed this one! I wondered would there be enough? Hell yeah and really really tasty! No salt no pepper no additions at all.I’d been out all day and nothing organised as I knew I was collecting these. I plated it up and then heated it in microwave so it was ready to go as soon as it came out (I was starving ) 10 minutes later, clean plate and belly satisfied!
Will definitely buy this one again 👍🏻
Anybody thinking a “Chicken ding” is a not there thing you have to try this”
If you would like to try our fresh, healthily balanced meals and have them dleivered to your door or a pick up point near you. Click her to get more details on this Chicken Dinner

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